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Ksense Enhances Integration Capabilities with Genetec Security Center Plugin

We are excited to announce the development of a new plugin that integrates our K-DAS distributed acoustic sensor system with Genetec Security Center. This advancement marks a significant step in expanding the interoperability of our technology with leading security management platforms.
The K-DAS RSA Integration Plugin, now available on the Genetec Partner Integration Hub, offers seamless integration between Ksense's K-DAS system and the RSA (Restricted Security Area) module of Genetec Security Center. This integration allows security professionals to leverage the power of our distributed fiber optic acoustic sensing technology within their existing Genetec-based security infrastructure.
Key features of the plugin include:

  • Real-time data transfer from K-DAS to Genetec Security Center
  • Enhanced visualization of acoustic events within the Genetec interface
  • Streamlined alert management and response coordination
This development underscores our commitment to providing flexible, interoperable solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. By partnering with industry leaders like Genetec, we continue to expand the reach and effectiveness of our innovative K-DAS technology.
We invite our customers and partners to explore the capabilities of this new integration. For more information, please visit the Genetec Partner Integration Hub or contact our support team.
Ksense remains dedicated to advancing security and monitoring solutions through cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships.
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