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Ksense Obtains CT-KZ Certificate for K-DAS System

We are proud to announce that our innovative K-DAS distributed acoustic sensor system has received the CT-KZ certificate of origin. This certification confirms that K-DAS is a product of Kazakhstani manufacture, opening new opportunities for our company in the domestic market.
The CT-KZ certificate is an official recognition of the high quality and localized production of K-DAS. Our system, capable of detecting ground vibrations at distances of up to 100 km, now has additional validation of its Kazakhstani origin.
Obtaining the CT-KZ certificate is the result of our team's hard work and affirms our commitment to developing high-tech manufacturing in Kazakhstan. We are confident that this achievement will help strengthen Ksense's market position and expand the application of our technology in key industries, including pipeline monitoring and critical infrastructure security.
We thank our customers and partners for their trust and support. Ksense will continue to work on innovative solutions to ensure the safety and efficiency of critical infrastructure.
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