Perimetral system for critical infrastructure facilities
Perimeter security
When organizing perimetral systems for a monitoring zone expanded over dozens and hundreds of kilometres, the main security task is not to ensure physical security but to detect a trespasser on time. We offer the most cost-effective and the best technical solution for monitoring security zones of extended objects.
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When a person or a car, or at performing earthwork near the protected object, the K-DAS system is transmitting an alarm event to the operator's computer indicating the location of the source. It is possible to arrange several security zones for critical infrastructure and sensitive facilities in order to determine the exact direction and speed of trespasser's movement.
The most important advantage of the K-DAS system is its concealed operation, as the monitored zone is not visually accessible. When dielectric cable is used, the system cannot be detected in the ground even with special devices (metal detectors).
The concealed location of the sensing elements allows to resolve several problems: impossibility of pre-reconnaissance, vandal resistance, and preservation of the secured area landscape.
The concealed operation of the K-DAS system prevents a potential trespasser from performing preparation and workup activities, which increases the chance of detecting a trespasser. The higher vandal resistance is crucial for remote areas, where equipment theft or damage is highly probable. And landscape preservation feature allows to use the system in specially protected cultural heritage areas.
No infrastructure and power supply units are needed throughout the monitoring zone. The vibro-acoustic sensor allows to discover underground tunnels and detect digging of passages. This version makes the K-DAS system indispensable for industrial and sensitive facilities as well as for various polygons. The K-DAS system has an open API (signal transmission via Ethernet), which allows it to be integrated into existing security systems. Video surveillance and K-DAS system can be operated jointly, where an alarm signal orients a camera directly to a relevant zone section, so that an operator can see an event image on his monitor. The joint operation of K-DAS and other security systems of a facility permits to decrease substantially the number of any nuisance alarms. The system allows an operator to recognize and mask routine safe events, such as vehicles or people passage in the permitted areas. K-DAS has proven its efficiency in organizing the perimetral guarding of airports.