Perimetral system for critical infrastructure facilities
Perimeter security

Critical sites like airports, power plants, factories and oil fields require the highest level of perimeter protection against intrusions. K-DAS addresses this need with its advanced fiber optic sensing capabilities:

  • Enables detection, localization and classification of threats up to 10 meters from the perimeter fence
  • Provides reliable 24/7 intrusion detection that filters out nuisance alarms
  • Allows security personnel to respond proactively to verified threats
  • Seamlessly integrates with leading Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems for unified monitoring and event-driven actions
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K-DAS turns a standard fiber optic cable into an intelligent sensor capable of detecting vibrations and sounds near the protected perimeter. When a person, vehicle, or digging activity occurs close to the sensor cable, the system:

  • Detects the disturbance and its precise GPS location
  • Classifies the type of intrusion using advanced AI algorithms
  • Sends a real-time alarm to the K-DAS software or integrated VMS like Genetec Security Center
  • Triggers event-driven actions configured in PSIM, such as displaying video from the nearest camera

Key advantages of the K-DAS solution:

  • No power or infrastructure needed along the perimeter, only a passive fiber optic cable
  • A single K-DAS unit can monitor up to 100 km of perimeter
  • Open API enables integration with existing security systems
  • Filters out nuisance alarms by learning to recognize benign events
  • Pinpoints the location and type of intrusion for rapid response
The seamless integration between K-DAS and leading PSIM systems allows operators to monitor the entire perimeter from a single intuitive interface. Real-time intrusion alerts from K-DAS automatically pop-up on the PSIM client, showing the alarm location on a map along with the nearest surveillance camera feed.

Security operators can acknowledge the alarm, view additional event details, and trigger further actions - all from within the unified PSIM platform. This provides a comprehensive view of the situation, empowering security personnel to respond quickly and effectively to perimeter breaches.

By combining the long-range, 24/7 detection capabilities of K-DAS with the power of PSIM systems, critical sites can achieve a new level of perimeter protection while streamlining their operations.